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I made these because he’s so cute in there

Anonymous said: What do you use in place of words like stupid, dumb, etc?


Someone else asked me this question at about the same time you did, and I responded here. Since that post is about more than just a list of alternatives, I’ll copy-paste the list on that post here:

Insults that aren’t ableist:

  • absurd
  • annoying 
  • anxiety inducing
  • bad
  • brash
  • boring
  • bully
  • cantankerous
  • careless
  • cheesy
  • conceited
  • corny
  • cruel
  • crummy
  • dangerous
  • disappointing
  • discomforting
  • dull
  • eccentric
  • enraging
  • farcical
  • fool
  • foolhardy
  • foolish
  • frustrating
  • grating
  • gross
  • haughty
  • horrible no-good very-bad
  • ignorant
  • illogical
  • imperceptive
  • incompetent
  • incomprehensible
  • irrational
  • irritating
  • jackass
  • jarring
  • juvenile
  • knucklehead
  • lousy
  • ludicrous
  • mean
  • no good 
  • noisy
  • nonsensical
  • oblivious
  • outlandish
  • overbearing
  • pompous
  • pompously
  • preposterous
  • pretentious
  • putz
  • questionable
  • rash
  • reckless
  • ridiculous
  • rotten
  • rubbish
  • rude
  • selfish
  • self absorbed
  • self important
  • senseless
  • silly
  • sophomoric
  • sucky
  • swear words (lots and lots of swear words)
  • tacky
  • terrible
  • unacceptable
  • unbelievable
  • uncomprehending
  • unfathomable
  • unjust
  • unknowingly
  • unpredictable
  • unreasonable
  • vapid
  • violent
  • volatile
  • wacky
  • xylophone (if you say any noun with the right tone, it becomes an insult; also I needed one for “x”)
  • yahoo (this is literally an insult, it means noisy/rude/violent person)
  • yuppie
  • yutz
  • zumbo

And of course “You’re not being the person Mr. Rogers knew you could be.”

[EDIT: I’ve removed some, here’s why]

I think those alternatives often aren’t needed, in an arguments you can just tear down what the person says, instead of looking for interesting insults :P


Ian McCulloch - The Prettiest Star (Bowie Cover)


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ian: you all should come down to the front!
fan: i've got a camera!
ian: you've got a camera? good for you
fan: what will you do if i take pictures of you?
ian: ehm, fucking hell. hopefully not what you're thinking.

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Happy Birthday, Roger Taylor!
» July 26th, 1949 

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